The Saviour’s Prayer

John 17 is a window into one of the most intimate moments in the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is deep in prayer with God the Father and our Lord uses this prayer to the glorify the Father. But we also see how Christ prays for those who are His people. What might we learn from this prayer? A need to pray – definitely. A way to pray – yes. But we receive much more from these words from our Saviour. We receive assurance that we are His and we will always be His. We are reminded that the glory of God is our purpose for living. We are challenged to pray with a depth that cannot be found by simply giving over a few minutes each day.


John 17:1-26  1 May 18 The Saviour’s Prayer
John 17:1 8 May 18 Our Example In Prayer
John 17:2 15 May 18 The Assurance Of Salvation (Part 1)
John 17:2 22 May 18 The Assurance Of Salvation (Part 2)
John 17:3 5 Jun 18 The Knowledge Of Eternal life
John 17:4-5 12 Jun 18 The Source Of Salvation
John 17:6 4 Sep 18 The Comfort And The Challenge Of Being Chosen
John 17:7-8 11 Sep 18 God’s Message To His People
John 17:9-10 18 Sep 18 Christ’s Attitude Towards You
John 17:11 2 Oct 18 Christ’s Prayer For Your Safety