Sing To The Lord His Own Song

The Psalms are a wonderful portion of Scripture. They are literally pure poetry. They are penned by many different authors and they cover many different circumstances. Christians through the years have returned time and again to the Psalms for comfort, assurance, help and encouragement. If Romans gave Luther his theology and doctrine then we can surely say that the Psalms gave him his thunder.

This series looks at how these Psalms help us through the eyes of the Psalmist and in the midst of his circumstances.


Psalm 1:1-6 22 Jul 18 The Only Two Ways A Man May Live
Psalm 2:1-12 5 Aug 18 Christ Reigns Eternally
Psalm 3:1-8 12 Aug 18 David’s Transcendent Trust
Psalm 4:1-8 19 Aug 18 David’s Distress At Mistreatment
Psalm 5:1-12 2 Sep 18 The Marks Of Living For God
Psalm 6:1-10 9 Sep 18 David’s Journey Of Prayer
Psalm 7:1-17 16 Sep 18 An Honest Desire For Justice
Psalm 8:1-9 30 Sep 18 God Alone Has Glory