Biblical Leadership For The Church

The leadership of the Church is a crucial matter for the wellbeing of Christians. It is very much a biblical doctrine that is addressed both explicitly and implicitly in the New Testament. From the choosing of leaders through the expectations placed upon leaders to the responsibilities the Church has to her leaders we find much instruction that we have to take note of. Without proper and biblical leadership the Church will be placed in great danger during these days that are godless and self-seeking.


 1 Timothy 3:1-13 22 Apr 18 Being Able To Choose Leaders Biblically
 Hebrews 13:7 29 Apr 18 Being Blessed By Our Leaders
Titus 2:7  6 May 18 Old Testament Examples Of Leadership
Titus 2:7 13 May 18 New Testament Examples Of Leadership
Hebrews 13:17 20 May 18 Blessing Our Leaders