A 21st Century Church

The Church is very much a biblical matter. Not only did the Lord Jesus Christ die for the Church but He continues to be her head. He cares for her, protects her and guides her in the present day and in the days that will come.


But we all have many questions about the Church. For instance, what should the Church be like? What activities should the Church concentrate on? What are the things she should avoid?


In the 21st century there are many difficulties facing the Church. Secularism is advancing together with many false notions and teachings regarding the death of Christ, marriage and even the place God must occupy in the Church.


So we see the need to examine the matter of the Church but, as always, this must be done in the context of what Scripture tells us. There is no clearer passage than the verses of Revelation chapters 2 and 3, or as some know it, the 7 Churches of Revelation. Over the coming weeks and months we will be looking at what this portion of the Bible teaches us about what the Church must be in the 21st century. We will be challenged and, I trust, comforted by many things but, as we must always be aware, there will be rebukes and the need to be ready to do what our Saviour commands us to.


Revelation 1:10-11 13 Aug 17 The Submission Of The Church
Revelation 2:1 20 Aug 17 The Responsibility Of Leadership
Revelation 2:1 27 Aug 17 The Master’s Examination
Revelation 2:2 3 Sep 17 The Deeds Of The Church
Revelation 2:2 10 Sep 17 The Perseverance Of The Church
Revelation 2:2 17 Sep 17 Not Tolerating The Wicked
Revelation 2:2 24 Sep 17 Testing The Claims Of Doctrine
Revelation 2:3 1 Oct 17 Enduring Hardship For Christ’s Name
Revelation 2:3 8 Oct 17 Not Growing Weary
Revelation 2:4 15 Oct 17 What Is our First Love
Revelation 2:4 29 Oct 17 How To Not Leave Our First Love
Revelation 2:5 5 Nov 17 Going Back To First Principles
Revelation 2:5 12 Nov 17 The End Of A Church
Revelation 2:6 19 Nov 17 The Favour Of The Church
Revelation 2:7 7 Jan 18 Hearing What The Spirit Says
Revelation 2:7 14 Jan 18 Being Victorious In Christ
Revelation 2:7 21 Jan 18 The Right To Eat From The Tree Of Life