Naming The Christmas Baby

As we come to the season of Advent for 2017 it is important that we stop to consider the truth of Christmas. It is not just tinsel and presents; it is not just parties and feasts. Christmas is God shaking the world so that it might realise it needs Him. Christmas is Christ, the Son of God, coming to meet mankind’s greatest need – a Saviour being born.

Of course we remember that Jesus came as a baby, born into a stable in Bethlehem. What happens when a baby is born but he or she is named. What about the names given to Jesus? What do they mean? What do they tell us about God’s message to each of us in 2017?


 John 1:1 3 Dec 17 The Word Of God
Matthew 1:23 10 Dec 17 God Is With Us
Matthew 2:1-12 10 Dec 17 Desperate To Find Jesus
Matthew 1:18-25 17 Dec 17 Difficulty In Finding Jesus