Guarantees From God

Guarantees are good things. They make a promise to us that something will most certainly be done. Be it a faulty product that is fixed or replaced under the guarantee or the person who undertakes to pay our debt as guarantor we are given confidence and assurance when we are told we have a guarantee.


But what about those guarantees made to us by God? Can we rely on them? OF COURSE! How can we know what they are? WE READ HIS WORD.


This series of sermons looks at how God makes guarantees to us, examining our responsibilities to both enjoy them and lay hold of them properly and in accordance with Scripture.


Joshua 1:8 30 Apr 17 Guaranteed Blessing
Joshua 2:24 7 May 17 Guaranteed Victory
Joshua 3:14 14 May 17 Guaranteed Direction
Joshua 4:18 21 May 17 Guaranteed Provision
Joshua 5:11 28 May 17 Guaranteed Celebration
Joshua 7:11 4 Jun 17 Guaranteed Failure
Joshua 7:13 18 Jun 17 Guaranteed Forgiveness